Thank you for taking a look at our new website! It is with great pride that we complete our craft in the Ohio Valley area- serving PA, OH, and WV.

My name is Kyle Kinkead, and I have been working in the painting world for close to eight years now. I moved to the Ohio valley just shy of 3 years ago, after receiving my degree… dare I say from Penn State?

Not long after moving here, as I began to get to know some of the various people living and working in the valley, it quickly became apparent to me that many of them had had poor experiences with painters in the past- hastily done jobs, sloppy work, wrong use of materials… the list goes on. Having started my painting career with a large, country-wide company, I was appalled at some of the stories I was hearing. As it turns out, many painters (to no fault of their own, I might add) have never received any type of formal product or technique training. The company that I started with mandated both of these things, utilizing multiple weekend intensive courses, as well as multiple training houses. I’ve been utilizing the skills and knowledge I gained from these experiences since then as I’ve traversed my way through a college education and my entry into the full time working world.

I’m incredibly thankful that you’ve considered our services to help keep your home protected and beautiful. Even if you’d merely like to ask a paint question, or if you’d like us to provide you with a free estimate, feel free to call any time- I love to talk.

(Hopefully) See you soon!

Kyle Kinkead, Nail City Painting LLC

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