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Restoration Services in Wheeling, WV

Your Home's Best Chance At Surviving The Next Disaster

You may have heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s because cleanliness and maintenance are indispensable to preventing problems. When disaster strikes, it will be that much harder if you haven’t taken care of your home beforehand.

The best way for homeowners to prepare their properties against disasters like fires or floods is by making sure everything inside and outside stays healthy and in good repair so they’re not more susceptible when things happen suddenly out-of-the-blue.

Start With The Restoration Professionals In Wheeling

Nail City is proud to offer a variety of services such as restoration for your home’s exterior.

Proven Expert Restoration Service

Nail City Painting loves painting, but they also love restoring what’s already there. Whether it be a touch-up on an old piece or complete renovation of your home and business, our work is guaranteed to last years!

At Nail City Painting we offer different services from gutter repair to new construction projects, as well as the common ones such as commercial painting, interior painting, and exterior painting. One service that many people ask about is restoration which can include anything from fixing up the chipped paint in your bedroom after moving furniture around while you were unpacking groceries all the way through renovating and flipping homes in Wheeling with extensive cosmetic damage.

We do this by making sure every surface gets touched up so no one will ever notice those pesky blemishes again!