Nail City Painting Services

Our Painting Services

Paint Your Way To A New, Fresh Space

We paint anything from a home to an office with excellent performance and unbeatable time. Whether you want total coverage on the inside of your well-loved house, or just refinish one wall in the corner of that drab boardroom – we can do it all.

Residential Services

We’re the painting professionals that will take on any job. Our skilled team of painters provides excellent performance and we are known our unmatched service.

Commercial Painting

When you’re first impressions are everything, a business owner should be looking to make sure they have the perfect space for their company. With our creative minds and well-trained hands we can give your office or restaurant that modern edge it needs. Our fast work doesn’t mean sloppy – just take one look at all of our other happy customers!

Staining Services

Staining an outdoor wooden fence or deck can be a messy job, but with patience and skill, it is easy to get done. Nail City Painting has learned over the last few years how best to stain your project so that you don’t have any problems in the future when trying not only on finishing touches like trimming bushes away from where there may be staining happening next year!

We service Wheeling & Surrounding Areas

We’re the team you can trust with your Space.
We take pride in every project we complete and will work hard to make sure it turns out just right for you.